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Nuclear Application

Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant




       Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant is the first pressurized water reactor plant which is designed &constructed & managed & administrated &operated in China. It is mutually invested and established by China National Nuclear Corporation & Zhengjiang Province Power development Company &Shenneng(Group) Co., Ltd & Jiangsu Guoxin Investment Group Ltd &Nuclear Power Co.,Ltd & Anhui Energy Group Co., Ltd. And it is controlled by China National Nuclear Corporation. Its design life is 40 years. NPQJVC is the owner of this project and NPQJVC is in charge of the construction & debugging & operation of this power plant.

Qinshan Phase two adopted the pressurized water reactor with safe &reliable and proven technique. Its design and construction adopted international standard. Make great innovation in the design of the reactor & safety system according to requirement for the international advanced pressurized water reactor power plant in late 90s. It optimized equipment design and system parameter and enhanced output power of the nuclear power plant unit. The maximum output power reached 689MWe. And the average output reached 670MWe which exceed the designed value 600MWe.


Construction of Qinshan Phase two promoted manufacturing ability of Nuclear Power equipment in China sharply. 47 equipment out of 55 key equipment achieved localization. The localization rate get 55%.


Successful construction of Qinshan Phase two cultivated and developed a batch of excellent technical and management personnel. Accomplish the general requirement to output products & experience & personnel.


NFVC signed the supply contract to offer the air dampers for the Qinshan Phase two.



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